Ramiro Francisco Rojo Cretta

Thames 2272, 5B, C.A.B.A, Argentina

Profesional Summary

I'm a fullstack developer, indie game developer, Ruby on Rails lover.


React, Redux, Angular, jQuery, HTML, CSS
RoR, Node.js, Spring, PHP
PERL, Ruby, Lua, Python
Nginx, Apache, AWS
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLServer
Asterisk, Postfix, FFMPEG

Work Experience

Angular Developer

January 2020 - Current
  • I developed Angular 8 frontend applications

Java Developer

January 2020 - Current
  • I developed Spring backend servlets
  • I worked with Hibernate and HQL
  • I used dependency managers like gradle and Maven

RoR Lead Developer

July 2019 - Current
  • I gave training to newer developers
  • I gave feedback and evaluate RoR developers

RoR Developer

May 2018 - Current
  • I worked on Ruby on Rails APIs
  • I used ActiveAdmin and Administrate as backoffice

React Developer

May 2016 - Current
  • I developed React applications


May 2014 - May 2018
  • I worked with PHP and laravel
  • I worked on Android applications
  • I mantained email and web servers
  • I developed websites using HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • I worked at customer support


Software Engineer

Universidad Atlántida Argentuna
2009 - 2014